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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blog Organization and Comment Replies

I have never run a blog site and I am good with computers but blog code makes me ill. I have a 6-3 dayjob and my time is limited at night.

I love making charts and posting them but I get disorganized due to lack of time mostly. I have no system for checking and replying to comments and I post frequently enough that it gets confusing checking. The other part is anonymous posters are hard to reply to because I don;t have a reply setting for individual posts. Also someone said they were having problems posting because I have illegal URL or something...

Anyways, I just want to let you know that I wish I could check and monitor and answer every question but its not possible due to lack of time and being somewhat disorganized LOL. So I apologize. I do however have email that I look at at night and if you have a question that could wait a day maybe to get answered, I almost always reply to emails as they are quicker anyway.

I cannot answer every question on every wave count as it is just too much time that I'd rather be charting. Sometimes questions are asked in such a broad manner that there is no simple reply or a reply would just invite more questions. Bottom line is a I like answering your questions but I need better organization. I should also put up some kind of "FAQ" for the current count or whatever, but I don't know how to organize a "favorite posts" list.

So what I am saying is that I need to get organized so I can make better use of my time and get a better comment system going. But unfortunately I cannot comment often during the day hours. At least until I get laid off heh (kidding - I hope not!)

But I have plans to make things more interesting and organized. Its just gonna take a bit of time.


  1. Don't sweat the small stuff Daneric. Your charts and commentary are much appreciated and in my opinion the most important part of your blog. Sure, comments and answers to questions are nice, but don't kill yourself trying to cater to everyone's whims. Keep up the great work.

  2. Thanks Dan for your efforts! In the middle of the confusing market it is sometimes helpful when qs are replied like Kenny does lol

  3. Hi Dan,

    You don't have any "illegal URL problem" blocking our comments, Shanky does.

    (You misunderstood my message to Shanky, which I posted here since I could not comment on his site to alert him to the problem with HIS site.)

    I hope this eases your mind a bit.

  4. Dan,

    I went straight to the above message about URL, to reassure you immediately, then back to finish reading your post.

    Thanks for all the charting, commenting, and answering you are able to do! You do an immense amount of work and do it well, so please don't feel you have to do EVERYTHING or do it perfectly all the time.

    Maybe under your "About Me" section you can have a "Welcome" section that states some basic facts, like: 1) I will try to answer questions as much and as soon as I can, but limits on time and energy will sometimes prevent me from answering every question. 2) Feel free to talk to each other, as well, to see if you can get the answers you need. 3) This blog is new and "in process" of being developed, so it will get better over time. (Dan, you can add to the list of basic facts as new issues arise.) Good luck!

  5. you're doing pretty good dano. I like the fact you have targets as opposed to just saying where we have been, I know it's harder to do but it's really the point, as opposed to saying "oh that was a of b of c of I of i of 4"! only hardcore EW'ers really care about that, and most aren't. The fact you update basically daily requires quite a bit of effort, everyone knows that.

    What I personally would like to see would be a very zoomed out wave count from you sometime, perhaps you have already done this and I missed it, but it would be interesting nonetheless.

  6. SRS thanks I didn't understand about the URL but now I do, thanks for commenting! LOL

    And thats a good idea I think I'll do that.

    Marky I have long term charts on my public chart list. click on the link on the side.

  7. Daneric, I'm a lurker and finally bought the EW book. You don't realize how much you and Kenny help.

    Tony of OEW puts a link to his Stockcharts on every new daily market summary. I don't know if that's easy, but it might get rid of many "where are we" questions you probably get.

    Thanks for sharing your work, even if you don't say its work.