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Monday, March 9, 2009

Counting The Final Subwaves to Bottom of 3(5)

Kenny's excellent post and guidelines gave me an idea to show the current form of (perhaps) finish to wave 3(5) bottom. Since a wedge (ending diagonal) consists of zig zags, we can see today the first half of a 5-3-5 zig zag playing out perhaps.

A 5-3-5 zig zag is just that, 5 actionary waves connected to second 5 actionary wave structure with a "three" in between, hence "5-3-5". The connecting "three" can be any ABC pattern (hence the term "three" - ABC") . So the connecting pattern can be itself a ziz zag (which is a three), flat or triangle.

The main things to look for first is the connecting pattern since it appears the first half of the 5-3-5 zig zag played out already today. After the connecting pattern eventually finsihes, the next 5 wave structure to a new low should play out. It may overlap and look compressed as the market is getting compressed.

Or it may explode downward in a fit of high volume fear and overshoot the lower wedgeline. Or it may just squeek out a new low to 665 and then explode upward in rally mode. There is no telling how far or how long it will take but it shouldn't go too far or take too long to look "out of place". It may also end Wenesday if the connecting "three" takes a while to play out.

Ideally it should hit the lower wedge trendline one more time exactly at the bottom touch of the last wave. So try counting the waves, you might catch the exact bottom. Also I don't think it shoudl break to the upside of the upper wedgeline before it bottoms or something else may be going on. The move down should stay within the wedgelines.

PS - I did this very same counting method on the bottoms of Oct 11 and Nov 24 and made nice money. Its not hard to do and you have to trust the waves and taht they will turn. They will. The rally should be explosive.


  1. I think I came up with 646 just from eyeballing it. I think. I have so many numbers written on sheets of paper, but I think this is for the wedge.

  2. Dano,

    I'm not sure I understand the chart. Are we looking at a rally to 725 here?


  3. Here's hoping you jumped on the early morning breakout and made some money. I jumped into TNA yesterday (couldn't make myself buy FAS)...and I have YOU to thank for it.

    You and Kenny have the best looking charts going !!


  4. Fuzzy, I loaded FAS last night and TNA to hedge against my own chart LOL. It just didn't smell right. I made out great.

    I added in the A.M.