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Friday, May 15, 2009

The Count From 666

EDIT: Hrmm, maybe too many Capt Morgon's last night but I meant to draw an X wave zig zag and somehow it became a flat from a 5 wave move down (rprobably becuase I am fixated on that 200DMA). That cannot happen. The B wave shouldn't retrace so high in a zig zag although 61% is possible. Maybe only to resistance at 865 or so tops. Thanks for the feedback in comments!

Someone asked for the entire count from 666. I left off the A wave subwaves cause I ran out of chart animations. The proposed (X) wave is just that...having fun based on what we have so far.

Obviously very presumptuous and I have done this before on this rally and I wind up looking like a fool. is of course plausible and that's why you all visit my get plausible market moves based on wave theory and such.

At the very least, it gives the novice waver an idea of a what an (X) wave is.


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