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Monday, May 18, 2009


I haven't forgotten my gaps. In fact I have a chart. Lower total volume today than the down volume from previous days. That is indicative perhaps of a B wave playing out in a larger flat pattern.

If the upward momentum starts to wane, and it should as there exists a ton of resistance, then you might see some negative divergence on various indicators if this B wave makes a new peak. In fact I would expect it.

The gap from 922 to, essentially, 934 is like a big fat thorn in the side of the bulls and MM's. It is lining up with the dropping 200DMA marker. So resistance will be bearing down. Today looked like the MM's jerking the tape sideways in stages then moves up very brilliantly and short-covering every step of the way. They'll need to balance the books soon enough.

And as a side note, no I don't think there is any kind of conspiracy, I just think the MM's can be in "tune" on some days and just produce outstanding tape moves. Last Fridays hourly down candle was another example. The underlying sentiment supports it (selling was obviously very light today) so why not? I could tell when I woke up, that the chart I posted over the weekend that moved to 905 was going to happen. 910 surprised me. That's why I had to change back to the (X) wave flat. It only makes sense if the A wave is a "three".

I also sensed in the afternoon that they would close the DOW over 8500. It only made sense.

I would expect that 896 support holds on any pullback if this B wave to peak scenario is to play out. Maybe a tiny dip below but it shouldn't be losing too much ground at this point. It has much work to do; a 12 point gap and a dropping 200DMA and potential upper BB strike. May marches on.


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