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Monday, May 18, 2009


The move down from peak has been very different than the SPX and DOW. I have the subsequent up move labeled (for now) as a [w] wave of a double zig zag back to a B wave peak. Its a big assumption, but what the heck.

And because EWI has the up moves labeled as (i) and (ii) I will take the opposite and label them (a) (b) and then (c) shortly. I need to go back to seeing it my way and ignore their short term counts they can get very lazy and sloppy. Kenny has some other good possibilities.

The big thing about the NASDAQ is that it peaked 2 trading days earlier then the DOW and SPX and bottomed 2 trading days early also. So how it interacts and compares with the SPX and DOW will be a good clue to something I am sure.


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