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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Google Top 25

If you do a Google search of "Elliott Waves", danericselliottwaves comes up #25 (on page 3). I am not sure what to make of that. I guess its pretty decent and a pleasant surprise.

I want to thank all those who have graciously donated to this site. It really helps pay the electric bill and such and keeps my better half off my back as I devote a lot of time. I'm just your average Joe kind of guy and I really don't trade a whole lot, at least not yet. I'm still learning. I haven't been doing this stuff (EW) yet for a year. I only started last August in earnest and my early charts are kind of funny (not that I still don't crank out funny-looking charts!). The time seems much longer as I have looked at every squiggle ever traced over that time.

Here is an early example. I must admit, I recognized the correct form of Primary wave 1's extended third wave structure earlier than most. Even before EWI I think.

But Elliott Waves is a passion of mine and sometimes, yes, I can get burnt out and "off the trail". However, I feel I'm back in tune somewhat. SPX 1000 may or may not be hit, but I think they surely will try sometime this summer.

So far the drop from 956 was surely looking bearish and a possible P2 top until the extra burst the market found these last few days. The burst eliminated the most very bearish possibilities (a giant 5 wave move to start P3), even if there is more decline below the recent lows.

Anyways, I work during the day and my time is limited I wish I could devote more to everyone who ever emailed me or posted. I am grateful to have a day job by the way, its tough going out there. I do read everybody's stuff.

Thanks for helping to make this site successful!


  1. Who can forget those days a year ago on the Yahoo board! Your ability to absorb and learn EW blew me away then, and continues to do so. Not sure it is a good thing or not,but because of your depth of knowledge I put away my EW books and between you and Kenny (another of the great crew that was the Yahoo SKF board at the time) and have spent my time learning more about various chart patterns and volume relationships.

    Thanks once again for your valued contribution to the trading community. #25 is a sign of the respect you have.

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  3. #38 on BING

    (stop using goog, i wanna short them this summer, hehehehhe)

    Your going higher than 25....trend is up.

  4. higher as in a lower number lol

  5. Dan,

    always a quite follower of you and Kenny. I am sure there are a lot of us out there. Thanks for the work; and much respect for you.

    Take care


  6. Dano: I haven't donated yet, but your charts have helped me make a lot of money. If my luck continues, you'll definitely see a donation by the end of the year.

    These charts are extremely valuable. I have a routine... I study your charts the night before I plan on making a trade. Then in the morning, I study the VIX and volume. It has been working great so far. I'm up about 90% for the year and this is just my first year trading.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this for us.

  7. The Thursday surge was EOM/EOQ fund buying using the T+3 rule for settlement. Price is still under the bear market down channel trendline which is at about 930 and falling 1.2 points/calendar day. It will hold and the roll-over will happen in early July.

  8. Wow it's already over a year, Oh man we are getting old. I rememeber those days on SKF Yahoo board, I enjoyed reading your posts, Kenny, Well_arm, Erik and Kliguy38. You and Kenny top my list, You did very well absorbing and learning EW. I also have a full time job and do day trading on the side.

    Thanks for sharing your work with us.


  9. Yah, if it wasn't for the SKF message board, I probably would have never gotten in to trading. Too bad all the spammers have taken over there now.

  10. question for jay, you are up 90% due to dan's work and you can't bring yourself to donate?


  11. I said his charts help me. But I don't use them solely! If I donated to every market blog I read, I'd be broke.

    As I said, I'll donate later this year. I still need to determine if I'm just having beginners luck or actually maybe I'm getting the hang of this.

  12. Hii Daneric.
    Mybe possible running to 1,000 + on the spx.
    I don`t need to publicity but see my chart.
    My indicador if spx running to 1000 this is a new bull Market. Never fall in 9 years. Chart 2 and 3.
    You made a superb job. I have much respect for you Daneric.

  13. Only my 2 cents.

    Close last friday 918.90(-1.36)
    Bulls try to break important range [935-921] but close again below 928 and 935. Vix new lows again lose 1.7%.
    Readjust numbers because spx visited target short-term this week.

    Below 928 I expect [880-893] again.
    Below 935 I expect [790,820] medium term.

    Suport important big picture [880,893]

    Important Monday
    -Resistance Hourly range[921,928].
    -Suport 913 and 896.
    -Control MACD hourly and 913.
    MACD near new sell signal.
    Close hourly below 913 we will see 896 and bears will try to attack important suport [880-893].

    Plan for Monday
    Open more short if:
    New sell signal macd hourly and close hourly above 913 rule number 3,4,6.
    Click to zoom in.
    Enjoy the weekend.
    Sorry for the link. But who can I send my chart:

  14. The biggest thing I get from Dan, Kenny, and now Nate is PATIENCE. It's easier to hold a trade through a lesser degree correction knowing an profitable impulse is due. It's also good to know when to stay AWAY from making bigger bets (like the last week has been).

    As far as donations go, I simply earmark 1-2% on trades the guys helped me through and send them lunch money periodically. It's pretty painless, really, and it keeps me from feeling like a freeloader...LOL.


  15. Congrats on your Google positioning. I know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and you'll be amazed at the revenues you can bring when you list on the first page. That's where I got my day trading to money :)

    Now on the topic of P2. I think we *must* go thru a certain cycle in order to reach the beginning of P3. They way I see it I think we are somewhere between hope and relief. We have yet to reach the other stages that will take us to a real peak. Therefore, I think 2010 sounds like a better time frame for a peak.

    There cycle stages are:

    1. Optimism
    2. Excitement
    3. Thrill
    4. Euphoria
    5. Anxiety
    6. Denial
    7. Fear
    8. Desperation
    9. Panic
    10 Capitulation
    11 Despondency
    12 Depression
    13 Hope
    14 Relief
    15 Optimism (Cycle starts again)

  16. page 2 google search...and get those advertising $ coming in.

  17. dano, you can (if you want) BUY google ad words.... perhaps "Elliott wave"

    so "Elliot wave" will show up as ADS on other places and link them to here. I don't know too much of the investment/return aspect of it. But just a thought.

    I know your killing on on the viewers (as you should be, b/c your charts are $money$) because when i run my google analytics, you are the source of 11% of my visitors, ie...JUST from ur blogroll.

    keep up the good stuff man.

    its also a GOOD thing when you are not trading heavily....its human nature that when one holds lets say a heavy position they "TEND" to look for that direction more. well of course b/c they are in the trade, but it (well maybe i am only speaking for myself)...but it makes me read the chart w/ a slighy bias to it. at any rate...

    think im gonna get me some Progessive insurance

  18. you could switch to "pay to advertise here" and perhaps have a good 2nd income here just from all your great charts man.

  19. What erik said is definitely true.

    Your analysis seems to be so great because you always maintain a nonbiased view.

    Keep up the good work, your popularity is in a bull market haah

  20. When I first started reading this blog, I thought Dano was a perma bear. He hung out on the SKF board afterall. But now I realize, Dano is just trying to make cash like the rest of us. He will go bear or bull when needed.

    Perhaps the most valuable thing I get from this blog is when Dan is unsure. It's a sure sign to keep my money on the sidelines.

  21. Thanks for all your posts, Dan. I just got my first copy of EWP last night and look forward to learning this science.

  22. Rick what do you expect for tomorrow ?

  23. Wow, progress with humility. Maybe the rest of us will be better off if you don't trade too much. :-)
    Thanks for your diligent study and honesty of presentation!

  24. Thanks for the comments all!

  25. Hard to say. We did get close to 927 on Friday so not sure if that is as high as this wave will go but I was still expecting the index to go above 925. So tomorrow we'll see if there is a move that will break 920 in a convincing manner. On the downside, I would be careful under 910 and consider going short under 905. I closed out my riskier long positions on Friday and holding on to the less volatile portion until the market gives me a sign to sell. I am inclined to think the market will have a Fib retracement to the 906-912 area and then move much higher, unless what we saw in the last couple of days was a sideway correction which would lead us to a rally tomorrow.

  26. You're doing great DE. Thanks to you and K for all your efforts.


  27. You're part of my daily reading. Fantastic work. Once P3 hits, I promise a donation will be on your way.

    Thanks so much for you effort.

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