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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Google Top 25

If you do a Google search of "Elliott Waves", danericselliottwaves comes up #25 (on page 3). I am not sure what to make of that. I guess its pretty decent and a pleasant surprise.

I want to thank all those who have graciously donated to this site. It really helps pay the electric bill and such and keeps my better half off my back as I devote a lot of time. I'm just your average Joe kind of guy and I really don't trade a whole lot, at least not yet. I'm still learning. I haven't been doing this stuff (EW) yet for a year. I only started last August in earnest and my early charts are kind of funny (not that I still don't crank out funny-looking charts!). The time seems much longer as I have looked at every squiggle ever traced over that time.

Here is an early example. I must admit, I recognized the correct form of Primary wave 1's extended third wave structure earlier than most. Even before EWI I think.

But Elliott Waves is a passion of mine and sometimes, yes, I can get burnt out and "off the trail". However, I feel I'm back in tune somewhat. SPX 1000 may or may not be hit, but I think they surely will try sometime this summer.

So far the drop from 956 was surely looking bearish and a possible P2 top until the extra burst the market found these last few days. The burst eliminated the most very bearish possibilities (a giant 5 wave move to start P3), even if there is more decline below the recent lows.

Anyways, I work during the day and my time is limited I wish I could devote more to everyone who ever emailed me or posted. I am grateful to have a day job by the way, its tough going out there. I do read everybody's stuff.

Thanks for helping to make this site successful!


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