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Friday, June 12, 2009

Kenny 158, Daneric 133

This can not stand! I'm talking about Google followers of course.

I met Kenny on the Yahoo SKF message board and he put out just awesome charts. He actually inspired me to charting a year ago and particularly Elliott Wave Theory. He started a superb website and has a daily market conversation of course that draws a lot of commenters. I of course have a day job and occasionally can squeak in a post or on a day off I might be active. But Kenny's intraday conversation is always lively; sometimes I lurk (when I have some free time).

His website inspired me to make my own website. He was pimping for Elliott Wave International (EWI) and now so am I (we are both hardcore members).

We often refer to each other on our charts and blog posts about wave stuff cause its a light hearted rivalry almost. Actually its more of a collaboration because we are always bouncing stuff off each other at least wave stuff. And we both like to rip Steven Hochberg (he does 3 updates a week for EWI) whenever we get the chance. (even though I always eagerly await Hochberg's updates every Mon - Wed - Fri) Kenny's TA skills and experience vastly outweigh mine but I have learned a heck of a lot from Kenny and am grateful. He has a zillion public charts and they are constructed in an excellent way.

But ironically as the "junior" member, I always had more Google followers and now I see he has been actively trolling for followers in his posts (specifically to beat me!) and he shot up some 30 members in a day!

This cannot stand of course now I truly do feel inferior so this post is my first troll for followers so I can make Kenny squirm about it again. At least I'd like to close the gap a bit!

So if you like my work and wish to stop in from time to time, become a Google follower. That'll keep Kenny working hard for our great benefit! (thanks Kenny)


  1. Interesting, I got the same number (135) for Kenny last night.

  2. frickin highlarious. ask me, you guys should have equal number of followers as you're equally important in my book. cue the ass kissing remarks.

  3. hilarious your friendly rivalry :D I often laugh whenever you guys refer to each other in charts... Especially love Hochberg's rips eheheh...

    Both sites are mandatory places for me to check every night... thanks

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  5. Did I read that've mastered this much of EW in under a year? If so, that is very impressive.

  6. Since about last September TJ. Those taught me impulses LOL

    Since then a lot of corrective waves.

  7. This is a tough mothar to chart and count. You and K are tops!

  8. Sign me up!!!You're outstanding.

  9. Dan,

    I really enjoy your site as well as Kenny's site, as these two sites complement each other.

    I became serious in learning and practicing Elliott Waves over 2 years ago and my challenge has been related to overlapping waves. I learn a lot from you in counting Elliott waves and begin to gain a better understanding in how to deal with overlapping waves, ever since I started following your site.

    I am also very impressed with your strict adherence to the Elliott Wave rules and principles and your willingness to resolve every overlapping wave. This will no doubt in my mind produce unbiased and objective wave counts!

    Keep up your good work and all the best!


  10. Hi, Dan. Just to add a clearing comment: I was a member on your list and you steered me to Kenny. So, the numbers go back and forth and that ain't all bad.

  11. Dan,

    Hey, you are awesome. Sharing your wealth and always being humble.

    GL to you.