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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

E-mini's (UPDATED 6am)

Update 6am: Appears to be a triangle price action. Or subwave (i) and (ii) of [v] of C have played out. Same results either way - it all suggests one more push to a new high. Failure of this pattern is bad for the bulls.

I'm willing to bend the channel to make the top of Minute [i] connect with perhaps a Minute [iii] (where 1937 top is) if thats the true wave count.

However look at the huge negative divergence on the MACD lines on the lower indicator. The new top today was not a healthy MACD rise. Momentum is waning. Its actually the worst negative divergence on this whole chart.

I wouldn't be surprised to see the market drop nasty from here after the open. The nightly hours will probably see the stochs correct back up some more and if the prices don't get bullish real quick significantly with them, that will setup a possible bear move in the A.M.

But negative divergences can be ignored for a while on a bull wave. But sooner or later that no longer works when everyone beccomes suddenly aware of the reality of the situation.

I love combining the stochs and MACD lines on one indicator and then switch back and forth on different time frames to see where possible divergences are setting up. Its a great snapshot "visual" for me to look at quickly in the AM before I go to work.

Unfortunately I do not have access to this platform at my work nor would I be able to view it even if I did.

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