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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

$BPSPX, Apple and the Dollar Fractal

Interesting setup on the dollar. Forming the same fractal perhaps as the SPX from January to March low. Of course the SPX was setting in a major low. If the same fractal finishes out in the dollar, then one can assume the same for the dollar. Daily Sentiment was 3% today.

The question is where is the dollar in relation to the SPX fractal? I'll give the market the benefit of the doubt and guess that we are ready to gap down again in UUP. Eventually dollar bulls, whats left of them, will capitulate.

And we should see a few big media stories on the permanent death of the dollar. Keep an eye out for those media stories.

Apple is just a runaway train. High volume exhaustion gap? Few more days of upside is all thats left? I am just showing what may be happening. You all must decide for yourselves.

1200 SPX? Hey how about lets see if it can clear 1075 first huh? I mean $BPSPX is now sporting a bullishness reading that is challenging the reading at the early 2004 peak. After that 2004 peak, the market largely consolidated for 2 years before running up to October 2007 peak.

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