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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Elliott Wave International Free Stuff Post

For those who are new to Elliott Wave Theory and want to know more about it, please feel free to join Club Elliott Wave International (EWI). Membership is free. They give away a ton of stuff. E-books, trading course, long term outlooks on gold & silver. It really is a good deal.

Just click on my links to the left and after signing up to be a member, you get access to lots of free stuff. The latest offering is a very nice trading technical analysis handbook that is easy to read.


Its all good bathroom reading material at the very least.

What do I get pumping Club EWI? As an affiliate (I do not work for EWI - I just sell their products) I get 3 bucks if you join the free Club EWI through my links. But why do I want you to do that? Well its my own Ponzi scheme. Hey Madoff taught me a thing or two ya know? Because after joining Club EWI, any subsequent EWI pay services you decide to subscribe to (I get Financial Forecast, Elliott Wave Theorist and Short Term Update) I get a small commission.

So to keep my personal Ponzi scheme going, I need new recruits always! hehe.

But really, its some extra income that motivates my energies into doing my best with this blog. I really like Elliott waves. (I think you know that)

By the way, EWI's services are top notch and they always present unique, original material. Whenever a new issue comes out of any service I subscribe to, I eagerly drop what I am doing and soak it all in.

Well anyways, join and get the free stuff at least. If you are new to EW's its a good place to start.

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