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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Prechter 1 hour interview on Inflation/Deflation

No matter if you are in the inflation camp or deflation camp, taking one hour to listen to this interview of Robert Prechter (Founder of Elliott Wave International and co-author of The Elliott Wave Principle) is well worth it.

This crisply paced (even at 1 solid hour) covers a very broad range of stuff from the Fed, inflation/deflation, Gold, dollar, government actions, social mood, financial markets, banks, etc.

Do not miss this opportunity to hear him effortlessly answer every conceivable question covering a broad range of topics. Extremely insightful even if you may take an opposite stance.

Persuasive to say the least.

PS - He is still offering his latest EW Theorist for free through the 9th of September (tomorrow). Become a Club EWI member (free) and download it. Click link on left. ( Disclosure: EWI gives me $3 for you becoming a free Club EWI member - and a small commission if you decide to buy any of their services once your registered)
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