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Friday, October 23, 2009

Comments Policy and Moderation

I try and keep a liberal comments policy but I am only human. If your were to come home from a long (and demanding) day at work and find 4-7 comments taunting you on your own website because you got a daily squiggle (or a medium term move) wrong wouldn't you feel offended at the least (particularly if the count has been a tough slog)?

Hey I get it wrong as much as the next guy but please be a bit judicious in the "you were wrong department". Believe me, when I post a chart, its hangs out there for all to see. I have never deleted a chart that I can remember. They are there forever (at least until I need server space - hehe) I like feedback and seek it, but mindless bashing that does not help make the EW community better technicians or counters is not productive.

I like to encourage talk of current social mood and anything related to EW's or trading or whatever.

I do however have a few general rules that I wish for people to abide by:

1) No Yahoo board drive-by taunting of either me or regular commenters. That includes don't call me (or others) a contrary indicator without some well thought-out scholarly justification! Or else I consider that a drive-by taunt.

2) No mindless bashing of EW theory or Robert Prechter. This is, after all, an EW site and I am an EWI affiliate. Its a given that I have accepted the theory wholeheartedly. Also think of it as a business decision in this regard. Because at the least, I hawk EWI products. Why would I put up with an attack of those products?

3) No copping an attitude (taunting) with differing trading methods. Your certainly encouraged to talk about trading methods and successes (and failures) but when it crosses the line to "arrogance" then that is disruptive. Particularly since at any one time there are commenters who are on differing sides of the trade at any one moment. The Yahoo boards are more than accommodating for trade taunting.

4) Although this has not been a problem, don't get racial, nor discriminate in any general way unless its against a banker! Bankers are fair game.

5) Politics. I do realize that political issues are very much tied to social mood issues and governmental actions are often a topic I pick on. However you won't generally see me single out any one party. So political opinions are acceptable although thats not the focus of this blog. This is not a political blog and I wish not to have it as so (and it hasn't been a problem). But in general, do not wear out any political theme for too long. Again, I wish this not to be a divide between "left/right". If anything I wish to unite conservative/progressive in the fight against government "free-for-all" corruption that has caused such economic pain.

Thats about it.

In that regard I unbanned everyone I had ever banned which was about 10 people total. Please regard my simple rules is all I ask.

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