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Friday, October 16, 2009

Google Top 10

Doing a search of "Elliott Waves" my humble blog has made the Google top 10 search results which is kind of neat.

A search of the singular "Elliott Wave" comes in at 74....still got to work on that LOL.

Anyways thanks to you guys, the readers, for supporting my passionate hobby and providing input daily.

I still have a few rants up my sleeve to be directed at the various organisations running the country into the ground and to crowd favorites such as Ben "Huey" Bernanke and his sidekick Timmy G., but I rather think I am an inclusive-type of guy and not a divisive one against any particular group and that includes political views.

I don't want to push away any readers including market bulls!

And I don't want this blog to be about me. Rather its an attempt to chart a path through a historic time in the history of the world. And using financial markets is like plugging an EKG into the pulse of the world's social mood. I do wear my bearishness on my sleeve perhaps a bit too much.

People think a market going down to say, 1000 DOW will be the death of this country. I have faith that it will not be. From the ashes always arises a beautiful Phoenix.

I am for capitalism and a free society! But to save it we need to expose the very heinous corrupt out there. I am aghast at the sheer amount of fraud and lies going on and the politicians who enable it. It has amply impacted the little guys (me) and my children's future and nothing is being done.

For instance read the recent articles by Denninger on mortgage fraud:

Or a daily dose of the housing situation via

Or Mish

Or of course Zero Hedge and his great team over there

These blogs and others are doing the critical research and thinking. And things are not good.

There will always be corruption and greed. Indeed Gordon Gekko was right in that greed is what helps advance humankind through the ages. He could have been talking about Elliott Waves!

But really, its getting a bit downright orcish. The graft going on is not "good graft" anymore. We are getting nothing in return for turning a blind eye. The little guy isn't getting squat and he is fighting back by defaulting on everything. And why not? The government made it acceptable.

All the underlying data support the thesis of the harshest wave yet ever to come to modern man. And its nearly at our doorstep. That would be Primary wave 3 of Cycle wave c of Supercycle wave (a).

P3 for short.

Do they really have a handle on all those dark pools out there?

And if you think I can lay down a good rant check out Shankys!

Of course Kenny's site is awesome for technical stuff and wave counts.

And thinking perhaps I am just a creature of where I lurk on the web I did look for the "positive" type blogs but I could't find any good ones.

Well I did read Cramer and Kudlow LOL!
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