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Friday, October 23, 2009

TED Spread

Innocent cute little chart. However if the P3 theme that I constantly present comes true, this chart should roar back to life in a big way.

After all, they didn't fix anything in P1. They just merged all the "junk" into other junk and made it "too big of a junk to fail". Think Wachovia, WM, Merrill, etc, etc. In addition, we all know they are lying about everything.

Even the FED is full of junk it won't be able to unload.

And whats the US treasury got? Nothing except issuing paper promises everyone knows they cannot possibly honor.

Its a warped game. In the end, we'll end up with a police state when it all breaks down all in the name of "saving ourselves from ourselves".

Its all too predictable.

And you know, if they shut off the internet, Amazon and Google are worthless. Of course we all would be. But thats just a random side thought that just popped in my head...Weird.
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