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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Twitty Print Media

Here is what is funny in this story. Its a story about a "surprise drop" in unemployment in Japan in August.

But since the Japanese markets have been getting hammered last few days, they of course fill it with made up spin because they cannot explain why the market is dropping on this "good" news report.

"The drop in the unemployment is unconvincing, as this is a volatile series,......"

Huh? LOL!

At least its a creative take on matters. Had Japanese markets been making a sharp rally at this moment, the quote would have been something entirely different.

I cannot stand the print media or the TV talking dopeheads. Useless twitty stories. They would be better off just reporting the facts. But of course the facts are usually a pack of lies too. And they should stop making up "extra" stuff depending on what the market does at that very minute and stop getting useless quotes from some loser from some no-name investment firm to support the market move.

I guess they are the "experts".

It wasn't until I embraced EW theory that I realized just how deep the media spin was in the business world.
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