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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A very small blip on the radar

The TED spread is but a small blip now. But its making little higher highs and higher lows for the time being.

Ben "Super Stallion" Bernanke really boxed us all in. Its frightful because by backstopping everything he assured us that he can backstop nothing.

Just when people will need social services and a safety net support from the government the most, is when it will fail us in spectacular fashion. And it didn't have to be.

Instead we made sure the bankers and CEO's of the most criminal organisations (AIG, C, JPM, BAC, GS, FNM, FRE, i.e. - the usual suspects) continue on in pompous wealth all in the name of "saving the people". And the monstrous got more monstrous.

POP QUIZ: What did we fix or change for the better in the last 2 years? Nothing. We actually doubled down instead. Hit me! I need Blackjack!

And what exactly did the little guy get for a cool 30T? Hrmmm? A $600 rebate check 18 months ago? A promise not to blow up the financial system with a gun to our head? How long do you think the gladiator games will keep social mood distracted?

When the conservative half of the country is teaming up with the left-leaning half and both prefer a bit of anarchy rather than the corrupted status quo, you know the gig is up. And that is what I sense is slowly happening.

POP QUIZ: Why is corruption seen as much of a problem as the overall economy in recent polls (big media cannot fathom it)? Because the two issues are viewed as intertwined you Congressional dummies!

It is perceived that corruption has caused the economic mess and that would be a pretty fair assessment.

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