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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


If it breaks into the blue horizontal area, that is signalling a reversal. Negative divergence at the high today on stochs, MACD. I expect tomorrow to be a bit of a down day, but it really shouldn't be breaking under the pivot of 1087 if it has one more up move (Minute v) in it. Rough estimate if we bottom at 1090 tomorrow and since Minute [i] of this wave up was about 30 points, and if Minute [v] = [i], then 1090 +30 = 1120, or the 50% Fib.

Buy the dip at 1090... Stop at 1086. Something like that.

Did I just say that? Gah I showed you my chart I made in April yes?

I did tell you I was buying the last leg up yes?

MEET JOE SIX PACK. (rather Capt Morgon)


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