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Sunday, November 15, 2009


Running into resistance. Also FTSE100 blew through its old high today.

Frisky futures. If it stays elevated, it fits my count of a wave (iii) of Minute [v] to a Minor A wave peak perhaps.

As a side note, rated #1 Elliott Wave blog as rated by Google

Where have I heard that before?

My humble blog made it to the top and its an honor and thanks to the readers for making that happen. I never set out to do that. But I will strive to get better every week.

I started studying the theory (and the markets for that matter) in August 2008. There has been an explosion of wavers in the past year.

I think its fitting. I think people are beginning to realize that there is some larger force at work in nature and they wish to try and understand why people can be so greedy and why things can fall apart so quickly. And wave theory explains a good bit of it all.

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