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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

E-minis (update 2:53pm)

Still struggling to make that 1112.25 target.

A near-term count perhaps. Actually the pink (c) should be a (y) I think. or the whole thing could be a 5 wave count and its a (c). either way I reach the same conclusion: reversal back down at about 1112 or 1113

Actually the whole e-minis looks ascending. I don't trust it though as I may have it labeled too early. But you gotta respect its potential.

Waiting on the inverted target. About 1112.25

I assume the Wilshire5000 has been misprinting on Stockcharts. Can anyone confirm?

Broke the mini -down channel

9:51a.m - I updated Disqus to try the live comments system. I don't know if others have had problems with it but if there is problems feel free to let me know. Thanks

I think the inverted head and shoulders target is still valid. Very overlapping waves as of late which infers triangle waves for me, or corrective.

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