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Sunday, November 8, 2009


"Goldman Sachs Group Inc.'s chief executive defended the U.S. bank's bonus policies in an interview with U.K.'s Sunday Times, saying banks serve a "social purpose," and the return of high pay should be seen a sign of economic recovery."

This is the kind of hubris that brings down nations.

And he must have laughed for hours over that one with his buddies back at GS Central.

My jaw dropped when I read that. Thats beyond spin. Thats spitting in our faces and telling us to "let them eat cake". The theft is out in the open.

Does he really know how that statement plays in Middle America?

How about we let GS survive without the government handouts and the FED there to clean up their messes and back door pay them?

The sheer gall.

How about the next wave down lets see if GS survives without a handout from the very people (taxpayers) they are spitting on?

GS = pure evil.
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