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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Sideways overnight movement. No new low was established.

A non-related market item: I have a way for Tiger Woods to mitigate the damage he is getting from his "transgressions":

Declare yourself afflicted with a sex-aholic "disease" and that you will seek intensive therapy/counseling. Blame it on the fact that you had a weird childhood and were suppressed or whatever. Stop throwing money and post-nup contracts around. That makes you seem like a pimp in the eyes of America. We don't like pimps.

Come clean with things. I think it would be a media winner. They are only looking for the slightest of reasons to have you back in their good graces...

Be the victim, but not too much of a victim for having this "disease". Its what works. Your endorsement deals could actually expand.

And in the big media interview, cry a lot...

You heard it here first...
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