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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

E-minis (update:3:33)

About every index (the NASDAQ does not and is more bullish) reveals this same pattern more or less. So the question is, what is a triangle doing there?  We shall see soon enough. Now that I posted this, it is guaranteed to break upwards.. LOL

This count is not a bad one either. The big B wave contracting triangle doesn't work as well on the SPX. But it all implies the same thing.  1116 is a key marker.

Make or break time for the NDX minis. Could be a triple top...

Triangle is probably out but there are always other counts for the NASDAQ.  Thats how a waver's brain functions I cannot help it. The NASDAQ is a big question mark and may still make a new high within a day or so, and it may be a lonesome high (no other indexes confirming perhaps)  A solid break of 2280 support would make it look bleak.  Who knows. The search for C continues....Now I got to go walk the dog. He is restless...

This count assumes yesterday's Wilshire high was a truncated top.  Hey, what the heck, this is a wave counting website can't a guy put up a bear count anymore? LOL

A violent little triangle? We shall see.

The Wilshire's count is uncertain at this stage. If its a wave [iv] then we have a clear start point for wave [v]. that is not certain though.

The qqqq's seem awfully frisky and determined to make a new high.  The previous high occurred in A/H's.

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