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Friday, December 4, 2009

Global Dow

I really like charting the GDOW. Excellent waveforms.

The Global Dow (along with the NASDAQ) suggested to me that I bump up the waves one degree to Minute degree for the last 5-6 days on the Minor C wave. I had been using Minuette (pink) degree waves so far for Minor C but I think thats a bit too aggressive.

Both the GDOW ( perhaps soon the NASDAQ)
have expanded wave C .618 Fibonnaci times wave A. In an ABC zigzag as I have charted, C often equals A. The next common relationship between the price lengths of waves C and A would be C equals .618 Fibonacci times the length of A.

Running the numbers on the GDOW, the 2002.21 high is exactly .613 times wave A. Couple that with the fact that the subwaves make for a nice 5 waves up in both A and C and 3 waves for B, it makes a very nice 5-3-5 zigzag.

Perhaps it does have one more high to put in. The green trendline on my middle chart or even my bottom chart would be the likely target. At any rate, the patterns are pretty nice on all the charts.
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