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Monday, December 21, 2009

If You are New to Elliott Waves...(and shilling for EWI again)

Elliott Wave International just put out a very nice free 33 page booklet on debunking market myths.  It makes good bathroom material...and no not to wipe! To read! If you are new to Elliott Wave Theory, this little booklet will be an eye-opener and lay the foundation for you to build upon. I highly recommend it even if you are experienced in the theory.

<-------------------- Just click on my link to the left and join "Club EWI" (free signup). They offer lots of free stuff every week just for being a free club member. (Of course their ultimate goal is to get you to buy one of their subscription services.)

I pay for 3 services including Short Term Update (STU), EW Theorist and Financial Forecast.  Yes they are somewhat redundant, however I cannot bear getting rid of any of them.

Anyways if you join Club EWI via clicking on my links, I get a $3 commission for signing you up to Club EWI as I am an affiliate.  Then if you ultimately order their services as a Club EWI member, I get a small commission on whatever you order.

So there ya go.

Also feel free to become a Google Follower if you plan on stopping by from time to time!

I think the market is getting very close to topping. There are a lot of indications.  DOW 1000 is a far way down...

Stay Tuned. I am not going anywhere.
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