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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The expanding triangle target for the mini-NDX100 is about 23 + 1881 = 1904.  

In actuality, all the indexes can be seen to have this expanding shape in the all-hours mode which may be the clue that this is a Minute [iv] and these spasms higher are the final burst of P2.

Just my theory. See my RUT chart for one index in which this translated pretty well

The best-hidden triangles are the ones that work best and I kick my self for not spotting them over the past weekend. Who can deny that the move up from Monday wasn't a thrust -type move?

Thursday the 14th  of January I believe marks the .618/.382 time ratio and trading time ratio for P1/P2.

Sideways action still on the E-minis.

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