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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Levitating act overnight above support. Yet there was a new low overnight as compared to yesterday's afternoon low.  Stochs and MACD are starting to reveal some tiredness. Volume candles are not all that bullish and just trying to maintain support.

Bears need good news like yet another Greek "austerity plan". LOL. Is it any wonder the people of the world are in such a foul mood?  The pack of BS fed on a minute-to-minute basis by the worldwide media over the last many years is too much to bear anymore.

A revolution in communication is a 2 way street. Although the powers-to-be would like nothing better than to suppress those that disagree the genie is out of the bottle.  People are not dumb. 2 + 2 will still always equal 4, not 8.  Yet our governments and media pretend it can equal 8 and you'll all be ok, "trust us". And they keep promising more of what they do not have, nor have any right to.

Slowly, mass Ponzi scheme recognition is occurring and no serious attempts to rectify them. Instead they dare to make it bigger.   The bear market has a long way to go...
Bonus chart. The $ is holding tough in an ascending triangle pattern.

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