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Monday, August 9, 2010

Elliott Wave Update ~ 9 August [Update 6:10PM]

[Update 6:10PM: If gold has topped and this is a wave 2 retrace, then the blue box area would be the target zone.]
New recovery highs which is not unexpected which to me confirms a 7 wave corrective pattern from the 1010 SPX July low..  If the market can gap over 1131 resistance, then a run into the 1140's seems probable where there exists a good amount of wave relationships and is next resistance.  For the DJIA, jumping over 10720 could mean a run toward its 78.6% retrace which is a deep retrace and would support the idea of the DJIA being a leading diagonal.

Keeping things in context the SPX, despite a constant upward rally since early July, has only retraced some 57% still shy of the 61.8% Fib at 1140.

There is enough of a wave pattern to suggest the Minor 2 high is very close.  Will it have one glorious blow off move tomorrow in response to the Fed?  We'll soon find out.
Green VIX, green market.
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