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Friday, February 25, 2011

E-minis [Update 1:46PM]

[Update 1:46PM; Switching gears, say what you will about the equity counts, I have been pretty darn good on the long bond yield count.  And patient with the dollar count and Gold for that matter.]

[Update 1:35PM: From a 30 Minute Wilshire 5000 chart, you can see it reached the blue box area. Resistance lies just above (or around 1324 SPX)
[Update 1:22PM: Updated wave (ii) expanded flat potential. Heading toward the virgin wave space.  Its a pretty broad-based rally though with up issues ratio near 80%

[Update 11AM:  For a brief moment, we have a beautiful wave count - expanded flat (ii). But its likely a pipe dream for bears as we will soon find out.  But it looked so good, I had to post it.

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