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Thursday, April 28, 2011

E-minis [Update 12:22PM]

[Update 12:22PM: Possible e-mini count has the wave (i) - not really paying attention to degree here - as the longest wave in this current sequence. That would place (v) at approx 1367 SPX, or where Minor 5 = Minor 1 within (C).
[Update 11:26AM: Overthrow or breakout for IYR?
[Update 11:06AM: Local squiggles:
[Update 9:54AM: Current squiggles
[Update 9:15AM: A tiny five wave move up on the dollar.
[Update 9 AM: Dollar. Looking for signs of life. So far, an a-b-c up. Rooting for a fifth wave up.
Got TOS working again
I cannot get Think or Swim to open. Anyone else having problems with that platform?
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