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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Elliott Wave Update ~ 5 April 2011

Primary count is the SPX and Wilshire5000 indexes may have broken upwards in Minute [v] of Minor 5. A close alternate is that Minute [iv] of Minor 5 is playing out as an expanded flat and today's high was (b) of [iv].

Breakout from the triangle to start Minute [v]?
Or a complex expanded flat for Minute [iv]:
Again divergence on Price-Volume-Trend on the DJIA.   And another approach to the blue Supercycle line.
Chande Momentum Oscillator lagging badly
And curiously, its been September since the Breadth Thrust indicator broke above the .618 line (red dashed). Notice how many times it poked above during the kickoff in 2009. 
And of course we have no crystal ball. Some indexes may have a completed 5 wave up pattern.

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