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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Elliott Wave Update ~ 20 June 2012

The new house is taking up much more time than I wanted. And I have the old rental to deal with too for the next few weeks. Sorry if these posts are short and it seems like I am mailing it in.

However, the primary count of Minor 2 seems to be taking care of itself so no need for me to delve into every possibility.  Its either Minor 2 or its not. Nothing we can do about the count here.  Things are coming unglued in Europe and the U.S is facing a fiscal cliff in less than 6 months. You think withdrawing $1T from the economy is no big deal? Think again. And most people assume Congress will work things out and save the day in the end. I am not so sure about that. I am inclined to say that social mood is slowly infecting the government.

My target of 1365ish has been met but it may be working on a small wave (iv) triangle.

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