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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Elliott Wave Update ~ 11 September 2013

[UPDATE] Just some more clarification on the commenting system and DISQUS. DISQUS, for those who may not realize, is a free commenting software package that is loaded onto my blog by my choice. Most of you are very familiar with this. Some aren't.

DISQUS software presents a few options for me to moderate comments. One option is to allow "guests" that can quickly register with DISQUS and post troll comments. I then can "ban" their unverified email address (and IP)  used to get on the system to comment.  However this is like playing whack-a-mole. Its impossible for one person to keep up unless I was monitoring 24 hours a day which is impossible. Another thing about unverified guests is they do not have a comment history showing up.  I have currently disabled (after 4 years of having this "enabled") this drive-by "guest" option to slow down the trolls.

DISQUS also presents a "pre-moderation" set of options which is somewhat of a filter for me so I don't have to attend the blog 24 hours a day.  The first option under "pre-moderation" allows me to have no pre-moderation at all. All comments get posted (although "guests" still would not be able to post as before). I do not have that checked at the moment.  The second option is "comments from visitors with non-verified emails require moderator approval".  This is the current option I have checked. The third option is "moderator must approve all comments". That is just simply too much work. So option 2 above is the current state.

The option of pre-moderation that I chose above (option 2)  requires that posters VERIFY their email through the DISQUS system. I have NO WAY of verifying email addresses under DISQUS. In other words, if you have a DISQUS setup, you need to verify it with DISQUS (again its not me that can do this).   Once you verify your email with DISQUS (effectively "registering") then you can post in real time all you want on my blog (or any other blog that uses DISQUS) without any pre-moderation at all.

Of course even after this, I do have the option to ban said email DISQUS email account.  But there are currently no bans in place. Most people who go though the trouble of all this do not tend to troll. Its too much work. This is why I primarily went to this option.

Verified DISQUS email accounts means your commenting  history will be available and such. This is what deters drive-bys and such.  If you want to be a poster, then you need be responsible. Going through these steps will help keep the blog from the utter troll crap it has been experiencing.

Then again some of you regular verified posters are just itching to be banned just from sheer annoyance.  I don't announce bans. They just happen and you all know I am a good at ignoring.

So peace out! We'll give this setup a try and if I got some things wrong in my explaining please let me know. Thanks!

Wilshire has the overall count.
NYAD still shows significant divergence. Prices near a high, but not the cumulative line.
Remember, if you want to post and not be moderated, you have to verify your email with DISQUS first, otherwise it requires me to screen.
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