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Monday, December 16, 2013

Elliott Wave Update ~ 16 December 2013

Elliott Wave International is offering an Elliott Wave Theorist Newsletter FREE published by Robert Prechter until January 6th.


Just click on the EWI ad link to the left and signup as a FREE "Club EWI Member".  Its no gimmick, its really free with no strings attached. If you signup through my EWI link (I am an affiliate) I get $3 for every EWI free "Club Member" subscription.  Then should you ever choose to buy one of their products (newletters, books, etc.) I will get a commission $$ for every product you buy.  I certainly appreciate it!

EWI really is a no frills website and being a FREE EWI club member truly does mean you get FREE articles and stuff. There is no worry you are getting scammed. They just don't do that. 

I myself have subscribed to 4 newsletters for many years now; EW Theorist (monthly), Short Term Update (3 times a week), The Financial Forecast (monthly), and The Socionomic (monthly).  I recommend all four for those interested in Elliott Wave Theory.

Thanks again!

The market regained the neckline. A series of (i)(ii) and i, ii is the count.
Resting on the underside of the upper cycle wave channel line.

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