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Friday, July 1, 2016

Elliott Wave Update 1 July 2016

One or more indices may make new all-time highs but the count in the Wilshire and Global Dow suggests that both these markets will not make new all-time highs. if that was the case there would be a major divergence going on. You can already see the significant GDOW divergence with the rest of the US markets.
I suspect the 30 month is in the final spasms of a price low in yield.
One wonders though if we will see a true inverted yield curve within a year.
If the Wilshire was to make a new high (secondary count), then this would be the general waveform in both time and price to look for at a minimum. We are soon reaching an inflection point. either the Wilshire high holds, or it does not. If it does not, there could be a quick burst to the upside.
If the market goes on to all-time highs as depicted in the above Wilshire weekly, expect Hillary Clinton to be elected based on strength of continuing social mood toward the positive in an intermediate term stance. If the market heads south very soon as my primary count suggests, I would lean toward our next president to be Donald Trump. 


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