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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Elliott Wave Update 22 September 2016

Coming toward the end of our grand count. For it to be a solid count it should "look right" at almost every scale level.

If we get a surge to 5 of (5) of [5] over a period of a few weeks or more, it would "look right"
If we break above 2015 resistance, test and hold then surge a bit higher, it would 'look right". Note the bearish wedge forming.
On the smaller scale it would also "look right"
The above counts have been largely working for the past few months so there is no reason to swerve off course at this stage. We have mapped out a possible count that will take us to all-time market peaks either before the election or right near it or shortly after.

Should be exciting. Because after the peak, Well you know the prediction by now.

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