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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Elliott Wave Update 9 November 2016

Pretty good call yesterday with "Short term pattern suggests an early morning dip followed by a strong rally." That looked ridiculous around midnight eastern time (with 5% down limit) but it all worked out because the wave principle suggested that was the most likely market path for the short term.
Overall , the primary wave count requires an eventual new market all-time high to complete the wave pattern long term.
Unfortunately for Donald Trump, the market is scheduled to peak sometime within the next few days/weeks/months if the primary count is correct. Then its all downhill with a historic collapse which of course he will probably be blamed because (negative) social mood is in control.
And yeah, I'm a "bitter clinger", "deplorable", Pennsylvanian who voted for DT and gave a big  middle finger to the controlling elite who looks down on people like us.  There is a new dawn. It won't be pretty (market collapse wave count long term), but what the fuck! Trump soundly defeated TWO political dynasties this election (Bush, Clinton) and for that I'm grateful. Its indeed time to move on.

Any tips would be appreciated because I endured way to many damn political commercials over the last 2 months!

At least click on my EWI links to left and sign up free for Elliott Wave International Club Member. Then any product you order from them in the future, I'll get a small commission.

Good night for now. This blog isn't going anywhere things are just getting interesting..

UPDATE: I meant to show the 6 month yield count (which is dragging up the 3 month and thus short term interest rates).
Heading for a FED rate hike in December...

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