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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Elliott Wave Update 12 July 2017

Robert Prechter has just published perhaps his greatest Elliott Wave Theorist monthly newsletter since I have been a member and subscriber from 2009. This month's issue is FREE if you join CLUB Elliott Wave International which joining is also FREE. You know how I sometimes say that most everything is a fraud? Well, free membership in CLUB EWI is just what it says it is. No bullshit, just free stuff for signing up through my links. If you sign up through my links, I get a $3 commission. If you then subsequently go and purchase any of their great products, I get a small commission also. But there is no pressure to do so you can remain a FREE member forever regardless.


This month's EW Theorist breaks down the wave patterns over the last 200 years and Robert shows the culmination of 3 differing ways of counting the waves 1) DOW/GOLD ratio, DJIA average, and my favorite which is most convincing is the DOW/PPI (producers price index). Since the PPI is practically immune to inflation, the structural wave form since 1780 is amazing and its almost at a historic top!

Is this the start of wave [iii] of 5 of (5)?  Was a fairly strong day internally so we shall see.
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