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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Elliott Wave Update ~ 12 September 2018

From an Elliott Wave rule and guideline perspective, the below count is the best at the moment. We have a nice Minor 4 contracting triangle. We have wave form alternation between subwaves (ii) of [iii] and (iv) of [iii] and between [ii] and [iv]. And the count has no overlap violations.
Updating the gold chart, Elliott Wave International (click on my links to left!) tonight showed a chart of record bearish bets against gold rising. This is a bullish contrarian signal and fits the overall count very well. I still am projecting Gold to go back to the blue box virgin area in price.
I'll show you a snippet of their chart...I'm sure they don't mind. Visit their website through my links and become a FREE EWI member (I get a small commission if you do)

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