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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Long Term Apple

I have changed my counts on Apple based its long-term wave structure. The steep unabated rise to its peak in 2007 just screams "3rd wave". Therefore its gyrations since its $202 Oct 2007 peak seem more like giant ABC corrections.
Its hard not to argue that Apple is in some kind of giant Primary 4th wave correction that will last a few years just as its Primary wave 2 took a few years to complete. Its of course at the mercy of the market in general.
It seems to be headed up to its Primary [B] wave and then a nasty [C] wave should ensue. This [C] will coincide with the SPX Primary wave [3] down due to start perhaps later this year.
Don't fret over where I exactly put the projected pathing lines. I have no firm timelines just general assumptions. I only mean to show the approx levels and form that the structure may or may not take.


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