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Friday, June 12, 2009

Kenny 158, Daneric 133

This can not stand! I'm talking about Google followers of course.

I met Kenny on the Yahoo SKF message board and he put out just awesome charts. He actually inspired me to charting a year ago and particularly Elliott Wave Theory. He started a superb website and has a daily market conversation of course that draws a lot of commenters. I of course have a day job and occasionally can squeak in a post or on a day off I might be active. But Kenny's intraday conversation is always lively; sometimes I lurk (when I have some free time).

His website inspired me to make my own website. He was pimping for Elliott Wave International (EWI) and now so am I (we are both hardcore members).

We often refer to each other on our charts and blog posts about wave stuff cause its a light hearted rivalry almost. Actually its more of a collaboration because we are always bouncing stuff off each other at least wave stuff. And we both like to rip Steven Hochberg (he does 3 updates a week for EWI) whenever we get the chance. (even though I always eagerly await Hochberg's updates every Mon - Wed - Fri) Kenny's TA skills and experience vastly outweigh mine but I have learned a heck of a lot from Kenny and am grateful. He has a zillion public charts and they are constructed in an excellent way.

But ironically as the "junior" member, I always had more Google followers and now I see he has been actively trolling for followers in his posts (specifically to beat me!) and he shot up some 30 members in a day!

This cannot stand of course now I truly do feel inferior so this post is my first troll for followers so I can make Kenny squirm about it again. At least I'd like to close the gap a bit!

So if you like my work and wish to stop in from time to time, become a Google follower. That'll keep Kenny working hard for our great benefit! (thanks Kenny)
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