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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Free Elliott Wave Theorist by Prechter

<--------- Click on the link to the left. He is always a great read and always has interesting and unique stuff. Its free this month, just become a Club Elliott Wave International Member (free sign up) and download it.

I highly recommend it.

Of course I am an EWI affiliate (I sell their services for a small commission) and I get $3 for you signing up as a Club EWI Member. Then any services you ever decide to buy via your free membership, they pay me a small commission for bringing you to their services. I only get credited for sign ups if you do it through clicking my links.

Just becoming an EWI member gains you access to the question board which in itself is great information. Actual questions are on the left.

Though I sell EWI services, I am completely independent of EWI. And my blog is certainly not a rehash of their weekly updates (besides its strictly forbidden!). I do my own work and research my own data. Sure, sometimes, I am looking at the same type of data that EWI looks at the same day. (Hey they trained me what to look for and when in a sense!). However, I come to my own conclusions and my own counts. But I do try and strictly adhere to EW Principle guidelines of counting, which is the only way if you ask me. The fact that I agree the market is heading down in 5 Primary Waves from October 2007 top cannot be avoided. It makes sense to me. I have tried to show you that in many of my recent long term count posts.

But overall the tremendous resources EWI brings to bear on the application of Elliott Wave Theory is unmatched anywhere. I would feel somewhat lonely not being a member. I consider my blog "synergistic" rather than competitive and so does EWI. After all , the more we bring into the world of Elliott Waves, we all win.

That Prechter guy is a genius anyways.
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