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Friday, October 22, 2010

Elliott Wave Update ~ 22 October [Update 7:26PM]

[Update 7:26PM: Ho Hum, just another Bank Failure Friday. 6 banks. Over $2B. Just another drop in the bucket considering the magic black hole spits out hundreds of billions.

Big one is with 1.65B in "assets". Thats a pretty big failure.

At what point do the bank failures add up to a panic point? 138 so far this year. Recovery my ass.  The complacency of it all is just mind-boggling. The Ponzi remains intact.

[Update 6:50PM: CMG: last stage of a parabolic rise? I mean sheesh it finished $12 above its upper BB!]
[Update 6:09PM: Did we just see a mini flash crash on the dollar?  It would fit well as a final "thrust" move out of an expanding triangle.]
Volume bars look real enough.  Will a true dollar panic be "good" for stocks? I doubt it.

[Update 5:20PM: Steve Jobs meets Obama in the White House.

Some people would suggest that Obama is now the "kiss of death".  He happens to have been President in the biggest downswing of social mood in generations so I say he is snake-bitten in that regard.

His Administration seems to be one step behind in social mood - lurching toward more and more government control when America is repulsing at the thought of cradle-to-grave bureaucratic control of their lives.  America was founded on the idea of liberty that has been passed down from generation to generation.

I don't want to start a political spat...

...all I am saying is that events like these are, perhaps like a prominent magazine cover, a potential contrarian indicator. And in this case its Apple and its hefty Market Cap topping Exxon - its surely King of the World. And now meeting the President at the White House to consult on "jobs and competitiveness".  Is this just a shakedown because Apple is sitting on some $50B?

Are we near an Apple top?
Uptrend intact. NDX sports perhaps an ascending triangle of decent size.
Wilshire count supports a spurt higher. (Or a small up-down-then up holding high support - could be a three in a complex pattern)
Update on my overall AMZN count since it seems to trace a nice 5 waves up as of late.
A closer look at the most recent Minor 5 wave 
Even Google sports another neat triangle
BIDU busted up from a near perfectly formed triangle. Had a hiccup now in a wave [iii] perhaps. Prettty much matches AMZN's pattern
So all in all we have a triangle in the NDX, goog is forming a small triangle, AMZN broke up in its wave 5, BIDU busted up in a wave 5 out of a triangle...With all the triangle moves, (and APPLE may be in a wave [iv], it seems we are getting close but maybe not quite there yet.
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