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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Elliott Wave Update ~ 10 November [Update 5:11PM}

[Update 5:11PM: Playing with the GDOW chart. I don't know if waves 4 and 5 are coming, but we must allow that they might.]
The best guess for now is that today's low was wave (a) of [a] of Minor 4 of Intermediate (C) of P[2].  That would make today's rise part (or the whole) of a wave (b) of [a].

Top squiggle alternate is that today's low is a wave (iv) of [v] of Minor 3. But the squiggle count better seems to suggest that the rise today was part of a large corrective pattern playing out which Minor 4 - an expected multi-day/week pattern - may turn out to be.
I'll have more charts later.
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