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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Elliott Wave Update ~ 26 January [Update 5:10PM]

[Update 5:10PM: This subwave count of Minor 5 is based off my NYAD chart posted below.  The final wave [v] up is not very impulsive to say the least.  I would not be surprised to see a wedge pattern here with a wave (iv) down closing the gap up created by today's open. Perhaps a gap down tomorrow to close the gap up and then a slogging push to over 1300. Highly speculative.]
I my opinion the dollar chart is an important wave pattern to watch.  I can still imagine it needs a final thrust down to a new low to fulfill the wedge (c) wave
And since I am proposing an ED for wave (c), the final wave v should be an [A][B][C] down. Here is that proposal. A break up and over 78.44 would indicate a reversal to the upside. 
UPDATE: Its broken under since I first made this chart above
As far as the market wave counts, obviously the SPX joined the INDU in achieving new highs while most other indexes did not to include the Wilshire 5000 which was very close but not yet.

Note the RSI trendline.
Zooming back looking at the bigger picture reveals the Fibonacci relationships are still very much intact.

Diverging RSI.
The NYAD chart recovered to a new high. It pretty much sums up the entire P[2] rally to date: relentless. We have a solid count on it and I used it to perhaps identify the true subwave pattern of the underlying SPX. I'll post that chart later.

Technically the NYAD has a long string of lower highs on the daily advancers shown on the lower indicator pane.  Its a perfect fit for a wave five event. 

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