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Friday, March 18, 2011

E-minis [Update 10:21AM]

[Update 10:20AM: My super bear count I posted the other night is still on the table. Wave (ii)'s form changed to an expanded flat would be all thats different or a simple zigzag as posted below
[Update 10:14AM: Under the zigzag up scenario, they take another crack at the gap with a wave v of (c).
[Update 10:09AM: The NASDAQ trying to sneak out the back door?}
[Update 9:23PM: The violent moves of the past few days smacks of a possible expanded flat wave action.
[Update 9AM: would make a nice ABC zigzag. Which means get ready for a hard reversal to the downside if thats the case once the ZZ tops out. I think its going to be a wild day.]
[Update 8:50AM: ED on the dollar?]
[Update 8:48AM: Huge volume to push through resistance]
The upper purple line is the bottom of wave one.

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