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Monday, September 26, 2011

Elliott Wave Update ~ 26 September 2011 [Update 8:35PM]

[Update 8:35PM: NYAD daily and weekly.]
[Update 5PM: GDOW shows at least 5 waves down from its 2011 top.
Today's up move fits in perfectly for the primary count of a choppy downward ending diagonal Minute [v] of Minor 1 wave.  Specifically, today's rise would be wave b of (iii) of [v].  After b finds its top, a 5 wave move to at least lower prices under 1114 SPX should be the next move in wave c of (iii) of [v].

Market internals ended the day with a squeezed 8.4:1 up volume ratio on the NYSE but advancers versus decliners ended the day at a more muted 2.75:1.   TRIN ended at a .33.  Again, it seems more of a short squeeze towards the open chart SPX gap at 1164-1168 SPX that anything more than that.   The 1164 high today tested the bottom of that gap and if futures hold, tomorrow may close that gap before turning down in wave c of (iii) as mentioned above.
TLT. Awaiting a move in prices under the horizontal line to indicate a trend reversal and possible exhaustion gap at the end.
NDX may be backtesting its wedge break.

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