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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Elliott Wave Update 31 August 2017

Our wave count is at an inflection point. Do we head down in a Minor wave 4 or are we actually peaking for all-time?

It was a strong up day so this is a variation of possible count. Are we actually seeing the final squiggles of a major market top? EWI suggested this possibility in their Wednesday night short term update with the DJIA count.  I can apply the same to my Wilshire count more or less.

The other option is that this is still Minor 4 and that an immediate drop is coming.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Elliott Wave Update 16 August 2017

Even though this blog states "social mood commentary", I have rarely done so in the last many years, partly because I work and don't have the time. But I will comment on this Charlottesville narrative. I think its important sometimes to let people know where you stand.

My take on what happened in Charlottesville is equivalent to a Nazism (Nationalsozialismus ; English: National Socialism) versus Communism (common ownership of the means of production)street brawls that occurred on a regular basis in the 1920's/early 1930's in Germany prior to Hitler gaining absolute rule. Both ideologies were born from Marxism. Both are totalitarian and socialistic.  Both were always trying to bring about mob rule to gain power.  Both are non-Christian ideologies and waged ideological warfare against the churches of Christ. (as is Islamism)

The ideologies differ slightly in their approach to their goal of a totalitarian society. Nazism is more nationalistic in nature and more race-based.  They were more rigid in defining which races (Jews in particular of course) could never be part of the Reich. Nazism called on nationalistic spirit to whip the mob in a frenzy. Nazism didn't necessarily want to directly take control of production as they were smart enough to know that you have to leave the experts in place for output. They merely wanted to corrupt and control production through cronies planted in all the production facilities. Simply put, if you were not supportive of the Third Reich's goals, you were not a manager at any level in the production plants. The "CEO's" who got on board got to live a fat, rich life while the workers suffered under their control. Of course slavery occurred on a widespread basis to help achieve their goals.

Nazism was always good at showcasing nationalistic spirit and paying tribute to "heroes" in the past. Hitler himself would sometimes invoke ancient Germanic heroes in his speeches to rouse his commanders to victory. In this sense we can see that statues that Hitler revered would have gone untouched and remained.

Communism is a dogmatic ideology which largely depends on the ignorance of the masses to carry out their mob rule plans. Communism's first goal when achieving power is to kill the intellectuals. Communism is also a racist ideology, however Communists have always been opportunists in this regard.  In Soviet Russia whatever was deemed "enemy of the people" at the time of the decree was an opportunity to eliminate future rivals or "problems". Communism was hell bent on changing all the governments in the world. They actively to this day are engaged in operations of influence all over the world.  Communism under Stalin and Mao killed 10's of millions of more people than Nazism could ever manage under Hitler. Does this make the Nazi's "less evil'? Don't even go there. Evil is evil.

Nazi Germany vs. USSR was a battle along the same ideological spectrum. If you want to call it "left vs left" as defined in today's terms, that would be probably very accurate. Both were totalitarian. Both movements are godless. Both ideologies are willing to kill and instigate mob rule to gain power and eliminate all potential enemies of their rule.

So back to Charlottesville and my original analogy; Communists vs. Nazis. The original marchers of who  many chanted degrading things about Jews, were the Nazis. The attackers were the "Antifa" (communists). The Nazi's  who organized the protest (and got a permit - even the Germans were meticulous about paperwork in WWII)  to preserve what they see is their nationalistic heritage and are against pulling down the statues. They also see themselves as the #1 target of "Antifa", AKA "white people" - (well, only white people who don't agree with their dogma).

"Antifa" (stands for "Anti-fascist", yet no doubt Marxist goons all the same) counter-protesters were probably pre-organized for the most part but we'll never hear the mainstream media pursue that story. Probably Soros had a hand in things as he directly and indirectly funds these kinds of groups. They knew the rally would be happening. The police were reportedly told to stand down. This was meant to be a cable TV special and the goal was to link Trump to the Nazis. Antifa showed up with baseball bats.

Trump has nothing to do with it. He does not hate Jews he has Jews in his family after all! He is not racist.  He correctly pointed out that both sides are at fault. It was a street brawl from the Weimar Republic age. Leftists versus leftists. Totalitarian versus Totalitarian. And the lying media managed to blame Trump. Trump was right in that there were likely many innocent people that foolishly marched only to save the statues from being taken down. There were likely many people on the Nazi side who had nothing to do with Nazism or white supremacy.  This is of course is what happened to many Germans who went with Hitler in the beginning. They were mad about "X" and got caught sucked into "Y". They were useful idiots though of the organizers.

The Antifa also has their legions of useful idiots. Many innocent hard-working people legitimately probably only showed up to protest the original organizers who they no doubt correctly deemed as racist. Yet they too were caught up as "useful idiots" (as Lenin first described) . The radical hardcore Anitifa showed up with baseball bats.  No doubt the guy on the Nazi side who plowed into people will testify that he thought he was trying to "save" the lives of people who were getting beaten. I don't defend him at all. He took a life and injured many and it is unjustified and he will have to live with the consequences. These are the things that happen in violent street brawls. My prediction is they will get worse and more frequent.

Of course my main thesis is that social mood is deteriorating and things will continue to spiral downward and the stock market will eventually bear that out by crashing beyond anyone's imagination.  I predict that the Communist side will likely win in the long run and eat their own (and us normal folk) as they have always done. They have the media supporting, aiding and abetting them. They are much more violent in the long run (and more godless) And, yes, they are very much racist too and will wish to take us where Venezuela is now on the spectrum of leftist ideology - a shithole for the most of us and easy living for the selected few.

The asshole Nazi side is a bunch of shitholes who will get us normal people (who are just trying to raise a family and work and get by in life) sucked into their bullshit and get us killed.  The Communist side is slick. They will manage to paint a broad stroke of racism on more than half of America and associate us as Nazi's. I think that's all Trump was trying to point out with his fiery press comments was that the Antifa (and other groups such as BLM) is perhaps a more dangerous element in America today rather than a small fringe of Neo-Nazis. But the mainstream media is squarely in the communist camp and propaganda and lies are still the main tool used to persuade the masses. It will be easy since social mood is declining in the long term.

And now the squiggle count:

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Elliott Wave Update 8 August 2017

Well we have enough waves for a "top", perhaps even THE TOP. Little burst out of the contracting triangle then closed lower. Wave structure doesn't look proportional but then again, they are never perfect.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Elliott Wave Update 7 August 2017

Minute wave [iv] contracting triangle?

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Elliott Wave Update 1 August 2017

Been a while since I had an oil count. The retrace has been weak so far and it seems everyone is getting used to the new "norm" of sub $50 prices. Well, I can see that changing and oil starting to gain momentum. And of course the MSM will blame Trump.