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Friday, June 26, 2020

Elliott Wave Intraday ~ 26 June 2020

Primary count. Resistance was rejected right off the bat this morning. Trading has been very negatively heavy from the open.  Very negative compared to anything that occurred inside of [ii]...Wilshire has also lost the lower channel line.
Total count from (2) so far. Note how also (2) itself took a lot of time compared to (1) (not shown). This pattern seems to be repeating. I liken it to Robinhooders and other retail buying the market that the insiders are clearly dumping. 
Wave (3) is brought about by social mood. We, as a society are choosing to contract economically. We will make the government lock ourselves down again.  But they'll do it at the end of a trend. Probably at wave 1 of (3) down price low. 

Its already too late for the virus anyway. There is no "containing", there never was. 

Updated chart. New resistance line possibly.

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