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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Elliott Wave Intraday

Charts will be added at bottom as we go.

The Wilshire 5000 primary count. Prices are still contained within the 1 minute up candle from last Tuesday.  The count needs a final pop above that to complete an (a)-(b)-(c).
Need another squiggle lower for the VIX count also.
NASDAQ. Now we have the double non-com going on. 10,264 is double the 2000 peak.
Apple counts. Looks like a blowoff top. Isn't that a favorite saying of just about every knucklehead (like me) on the internet?  Well here ya go.
NYSE shows the potential rot underneath it all. 
And the Wilshire has now officially made a higher high than (a) which was required for this to be (c) of [ii]
VIX count again. Pretty freakin awesome looking.
The "omnipotent" FED.  His pose is evangelical looking. Weird. MarketWatch must be getting nervous and looking for reassurance.

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