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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Sunspots and Elliott Wave Theory

You ever wonder what the underlying mechanism may be for Elliott Waves? Obviously The golden spiral is evident within the Milky Way galaxy in which we reside in.
Elliott Wave Theory proposes that human social mood (economic) advancement and retracement is based on natural forces, not random events and that the rules of Fibonacci math is the engine.  Nature prefers to advance in 5 waves and correct in 3. But how and why? Some would say its built into our DNA (which it is). Or built into nature (it is) or just some complete mystery. It may just be staring us in the face. See the Milky Way? It rotates and has matured via the Golden Spiral.

Imagine we are traveling along the spiral (which we really are!) from the outside toward inside. The spiral forces at work could be the result of being sucked inwards at some kind of Fibonacci rate. These forces show up as a hierarchal, nested system. There is not just one constant wave, but many wave degrees from the very tiny (seconds) to the Millennial that cover 1000's of years.

As we are traveling along the spiral forces note how we first go through each pair of Fibonacci ratios. advance in 34, correct in 21, advance in 13, correct in 8, advance in 5, correct in 3. The last, happens to be what Elliott Wave theory is based on; advance in 5 waves, correct in 3. This is the simplest ratio and observable form we use for stock market advancement and retracement in a nested wave system.

Obviously I am just verbalizing here. I have no idea if I'm right or wrong, on the right path, or whatever. The point is to associate something as large as our Galaxy with something as small as ourselves.  They are connected. We are connected. And the same forces that organize the solar systems into that neat spiral, are probably the same forces at work in Humankind.

Here check this GIF out

These same forces that tamed our galaxy and put order out of chaos could be doing the same for our solar system and ensuring that Nature on earth advances in a somewhat orderly fashion over time. We are part of nature so Humankind is naturally included.  Our entire bodies and cells seem to be tuned to Fibonacci ratios. Look it up! Indeed, quantum theory is also based on Fibonacci ratios.

Of course, scientists call it gravity which is responsible for the organization of solar systems, galaxies and such, but being the contrarian that I am, we probably got things mostly wrong, or at least not looking at things in a total manner. Why can't the same forces that are organizing our galaxy (and likely the entire Universe) be responsible also for organizing our societal progress as humans? Is that too stupid to suggest?

These spiral forces are undoubtedly nested in their overall effect which is why we chart a hierarchal system of waves from the very tiny to the very large. From the smallest (seconds) to the larger forces that shape human advancement over centuries of time. Indeed, the proposed Grand Supercycle III peak is just one such large nested wave of over 240+ years that produced a great advancement period of the human race.

What else may be affected by these galactic forces? It seems fairly certain that the Sun would be included since it is a huge body within our solar system.  Instead of stock market waves, its "tell" is perhaps sunspot activity.  Sunspot activity is most assuredly associated with feeding more energy to earth and warming it and nicely coincides with a waxing and waning human civilization.  Warm weather is easier to grow crops in for instance and supports more food.  Humans don't do well in Ice Ages.

The fact that sunspot activity has occurred nicely with a huge Grand Supercycle wave [III] may be no coincidence.  I'm certainly not the first to associate sunspot cycles with economic cycles. A cursory search on the internet you will find many examples. Most of those examples is that the Sun cycles  causes or relates to economic activity.

What I am proposing is that sun cycles do indeed help mankind here on earth, however I am proposing that the same forces are likely at work in helping to produce sunspots as help humans advance in 5 waves and correct in 3.  The stock market is evidence. Sunspot activity is evidence.

Maybe riding the golden spiral waves in the galaxy, being subjected to nested forces of Fibonacci is having predictable effects on the Sun and humankind in the same waxing and waning ways.

The blue period of heavy sunspot activity nicely aligns with our GS[III] wave count.

Chart courtesy of Robert Prechter of Elliott Wave International (please click my links to the left and become a free club member!)
Solar cycle 25 is expected to be a minimal cycle in amplitude. And some even proposed that we may be entering the rest of the 21st century with a very silent sun. This would align with the proposed Grand Supercycle wave [IV]

Indeed we are already having records set for minimal activity last year and this year.

An example of zero sunspots:

You can find these as images on the internet and if you wish find the articles that are associated.
Another cool chart. I see wave patterns...

Here is NASA's prediction for the next cycle 25. I think they are too optimistic! (just like economical advisors, they tend to project the past performance with future). 

My gut take is that we will only experience half of that projected 25....

Here is one image I found and then I read the associated article. The most prominent thing the study paper found with this graph is that the 208 period sun cycle is the dominate thing to glean.

Instead I see Fibonacci!

Nested little waves in the beginning and then the Fibonacci sequence: 89 (years), 144, 233 and 377! Of course they don't perfectly align but nature does not work in perfection.

Why didn't the researchers make this Fibonacci association almost instantly? Again, the main thesis put forth was that the 208 year sun activity period is the dominating period (because well, it was the biggest I guess)
Perhaps we even go into another mini-ice age.

In conclusion, Sunspot cycle activity may be entering a long silent phase which will undoubtedly usher in cooler weather, maybe even a mini-ice age.   Elliott Wave theory suggests it may be longer than anyone can imagine. If the same forces that govern the projected Grand Supercycle [IV] for humans, also help modulate the sun cycles, it may go cold for many decades. Its not a good thing either.  With 7.8 billion people, colder weather means less food.


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